Frequently Asked Questions

Our 24-hours emergency and trauma care is equipped with all the medical and surgical emergency facilities that you need. Not just one distress, we are geared to meet polytrauma with caring hands.

Everything Under One Roof

As soon as a patient is rushed to the emergency at Woodlands, trained nurses and in-house doctors immediately attend to the patient and gauge the severity of his symptoms. Once in the treatment area, the duration of the patient’s stay will depend on his symptoms, ailment and on the doctor’s decision (whether the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital or not). Emergency at Woodlands is a completely separate department. If the patient does not require admission, he will be discharged and the billing process will be conducted from the emergency right away.
People at the emergency department may be asked to wait for few minutes for a number of reasons, like: Look for the following indications:
  • The sickest patients are seen first. Patients are attended according to their health severity
  • Overcrowding due to epidemics such as flu, or critical patients arriving by ambulance
  • Patients arrive without notice and immediately
  • Waiting for X-rays and blood test results, some tests take longer than others
  • Waiting for consultations from specialists
Apart from the current reason why you are here, kindly provide them with the following information. In case the patient is unconscious or unable to speak, this information must be provided by a family member, close friend or family physician:
  • Any past medical history including surgeries, recurring pain / illness etc
  • Any allergies
  • Whether the patient is diabetic
  • In case of female patients, if they are pregnant
  • Your addictions, including alcohol and smoking
  • Any other fact you consider saying
Remember, at the time of treatment, the medical team may enquire the patient's family history as well.
Look for the following indications:
  • Profuse bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Tremendous pain
  • Unconsciousness
  • Large bruise, deep cuts and other obvious injury
  • Change in skin colour, skin eruptions etc
  • Change in temperature and skin condition (cold, warm etc)
Emergency at Woodlands is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with all facilities open & doctors available.
Yes, we assist everyone who is in need of urgent medical care for whatever reasons
It is advisable at the time of admission of the patient that a close family member or friend be present to provide important details about the patient such as medical history etc., who is also able to provide related documents etc. They can stay back in the waiting area to receive regular updates of the patient & provide any details if required by the medical team attending the patient.